Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Go Gracie-Lou!

Tonight was Grace's last Agility II class. So far she's had 16 weeks of agility (12 weeks, actually, since she missed a couple of sessions due to work travel), and she's doing really well. We're teaching weave poles using Susan Garrett's 2x2 method, and Grace is almost doing 12 poles straight! Not bad for only 6 weeks (we used channels the first session). This method of training is awesome for clicker dogs, as it uses the clicker to mark proper entry and execution.

Grace LOVES the wall and the bridge (A-frame and dogwalk), and goes flying over both pieces. Right now she's slightly ambivalent about the tunnel, but I think it has to do with us learning rear crosses, and her not being 100% committed to the tunnel before I turn. This worries her, as she thinks she'll lose me. She'll learn, though.

She's a fast girl, and we're both learning. I have to keep working on having her work on BOTH sides, not just my left (since obedience is all on the left, this is a struggle for me). We're both going to have to get comfortable with distance work too. But we have a great instructor, and lots of support. With any luck, she might be ready to trial next summer!


Brenda said...

The hardest thing for Remi to catch on to (and like) was the colapsable tunnel. He always hesitated before slowly entering and slowly walking thru it. Are you going to compete at rallies or just for fun? I would love to compete with Remi at the AKC events, but there are still some dogs he doesn't like (we have come a long way), and most of the people at the AKC events I go watch wouldn't be to happy if my dog was barking up a storm at theres :(

Visichy said...

When I did agility (with Tarah so MANY years ago) she liked everything except the tire/hoop. Funny how each dog has these little quirks.

Hugs to GLW (Gracie-Loo-Who) :)

Ange said...

Sounds awesome! I'd love to see her sometime (I've only seen agility on tv and I know that it's gotta be so much better in person)!