Sunday, February 01, 2009

My Snow Bunnies

Jack Jack, on point for something, although I'm not sure what. He fancies himself quite the hunter . . .

Gracie Lou, surveying her kingdom from atop the hot tub . . . I know she looks cold, but she really likes to new short haircut. It's low maintenance, which means very little grooming!

Farley, checking out the yard and making sure that everything is in order. He's always on patrol for the squirrel, although he wouldn't have a clue what to do if he caught the darned thing!


Visichy said...

Poor Gracie sure does look chilly LOL. The boys are such hunters... tails up and noses to the ground.

Brenda said...

It's funny how intersting the snow makes the back yard become, I never know what my dog's think they are tracking or looking for. I love that picture of Grace on the hot tub!