Thursday, February 26, 2009

Really? Give me a break!

My good friend Murphy has been visiting again. Monday and Tuesday I was in Edmonton for work . . . my car was parked at the airport, and despite the frigid temps (hello, Mother Nature? Warm up could happen any day now) it started fine and was running fine when I got home. Wednesday morning (think -42 Celsius with windchill), my dad borrowed the car to drive my mother to the airport. No issues. He then took the car to work . . . which I don't have a problem with. We share cars all the time.

Somewhere between our house and his work (you could practically spit on one location from the other, they're that close!), the power steering fluid mysteriously drained (or something - I'm no mechanic, so this is a guess). Now turning the car is like cranking weights . . . it takes all of your muscle power and then some. The timing is nothing short of magnificent, since I'm off to a dog show out of town today. Perfect!

The car is booked in at the dealership on Monday (good thing it's not a real emergency!) and I'm taking the only fully-functioning vehicle from the household. Pray to the gods (especially Murphy!) that my trip goes well and without incident.


Weeza said...

I hope the tips goes smoothly for you!

Brenda said...

Good luck this weekend! I hope next week goes better for you.