Monday, February 02, 2009

Popcorn Twists

My new addiction is Popcorn Twists by Old Dutch (or the more dense and slightly more salty but also very yummy Corn Twists from Cheeto's). I'm not a fan of popcorn, because the hulls get stuck in my teeth and they hurt! These have no hulls, and they just melt in your mouth. Sooooo yummy. Over the past month I have not been able to get enough of them. I think about them all the time. It's a sickness, really. Thankfully as far as addictions go, it's not a horrendous one. It's not illegal, it doesn't cost an arm and a leg, and it doesn't alter my brain chemistry (at least, I don't think it does).

What kind of snack addiction do you have???


Visichy said...

Wow... I haven't had popcorn twists in about 20 years. You just took me on a lovely trip down memory lane. I may have to indulge in a bag. The trick will be stopping at just one LOL.

Brenda said...

lately I have been craving and obsessing over chex mix snack mix. The one with pretzels/chocolate m&m candies, chex cereal in it. It's the sweet/salty/crunchy that get's me every time.

Weeza said...

Lays Salt and Vinegar chips. Yum yum!