Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Westminster Dog Show

Well, I just finished watching the 133rd Westminster Kennel Club dog show on Animal Planet Canada. What an awesome, awesome finish! The Best in Show winner was Ch Clussex Three D Grinchy Glee - a 10 year old male named Stump. He kept up with the big, young dogs and never put a foot wrong. Without doing any research, I would bet that he's one of the oldest dogs to win Best in Show. I am thrilled!

I just love watching Westminster - the glory and glamour of it make me fall in love with dog shows all over again. Although I've never had to dress formally and show a dog in front of cameras, there's something appealing about the idea.

This year I wasn't 100% thrilled with the woman chosen to do the colour commentary, although she did seem to be enjoying the show. I would rather have seen somebody with slightly more dog show knowledge, because I think it could have generated some great conversation with David Frei. She wasn't terrible, though. And at least she had fun and showed interest in the dogs.

If you get the chance, I recommend watching at least a little bit. Preferably the Sporting Group (okay, I'm just slightly biased) . . . but all of it is breathtaking!

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Visichy said...

Stump looked awesome. I'm so glad he won. You probably know this by now but they have reported that at 10 years old he is the oldest BIS winner at Westminster ever. Prior to Stump the record was held by Kirby, the papillon, who won BIS in 1999 at 8 years old.