Sunday, February 22, 2009

Totally awesome gift!

So, on Friday when I got home, there was a card from Canada Post letting me know that I had a parcel waiting to be picked up. I hadn't ordered anything (for a change!), so I was kind of confused. On Saturday when I picked it up, I saw a good friend's address and really couldn't figure out what she'd sent me. Well, it was a belated birthday gift - from several of my good friends (and the kitties too :) ). And it is freaking awesome! What a fabulous, cool, thoughtful gift!

Thank you to the people that got this for me - you know who you are, and I can't tell you how much this made my day. I love you all SO MUCH!


Brenda said...

definately priceless! The quality of the picture makes it look like the pups could reach out and lick you! I don't think they could have picked a better gift for you to treasure.

Weeza said...

Cool gift! Now your love for your dogs can keep you warm both inside and out. :)