Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Yummy treats!

Tonight my mom and I made some super yummy treats for a bake sale that her area is holding tomorrow to raise funds for the United Way. She bought some of these at a bake sale in Camrose while she was visiting my aunt, and tried making them with my brother and his family while she was visiting them last week. They're SUPER easy to make - even I could do it! Those of you that know me know what that means.

Take some caramel candies . . . you know, the little brown, plastic-wrapped square caramels that you get at Halloween. They don't have to be Kraft, but those are the most common. Melt roughly 60 of them in a double boiler. We used a Pyrex bowl placed in a pot of boiling water. Watch the caramels, stirring occasionally. It takes around 20 minutes for them to melt fully. Have a bag of large marshmallows, and a big bowl of Rice Krispies (we bought Vanilla-flavoured, but my mom says the regular ones are better). You also need some bamboo party picks - the kind you put in cocktail weiners so that you can pick them up. Put the pick in the end of the marshmallow, and then coat the marshmallow in caramel. Be careful - it's hot! Then swirl the caramel-coated marshmallow in the Rice Krispies, to coat it. Place on a wax-paper-lined baking tray to cool.

We made about 50 of them I think, maybe more. They're pretty rich, so you can probably eat a maximum of 3 or 4 per sitting. But man oh man, are they YUMMY! Easy to make, and we had fun with it too.

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Visichy said...

The challenge for me would be not eating each and every caramel as I unwrapped them LOL. Sounds really good though :)