Thursday, October 16, 2008

New iPod Applications

Okay, this is a completely frivolous post (like many of mine are LOL), but I learned something exciting today. One of my co-workers has an iPhone (something I would really like to have, but can not justify in ANY way). She brought it into my office today, knowing that I have an iTouch, and am jealous of her phone. She has a new application that she purchased from the iTunes store online . . . it is called "crazy pumpkins" and it's free. It's GREAT! There is this spooky laughing, and if you shake your phone, the pumpkin's face changes (or if you drag your finger across the face of the phone). You can have a pig's snout, fancy mouth, scary eyes, and more. They say simple things for simple minds, but I really got a kick out of it.

So I visited the iTunes application store, and WAY more exciting than the crazy pumpkins (which I admit to downloading) is the fact that I could download Scrabble to my iTouch. How awesome is that? I LOVE Scrabble, and now I can play more often :)

Thanks for indulging my childish enjoyment of this new "toy."

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Vicky said...

Scrabble rocks in any format. :)