Sunday, October 12, 2008

2 down, 4 to go

Well, today was my second Rally O class as a teacher. I think it went well, and a couple of people told me they enjoyed it. That's really my only barometer - that and their smiles and laughter during the exercises. I changed it up from last week - instead of running everybody through a full course, I decided to teach them the footwork for right, left and about turns, as well as working on some Rally skills. It went well, and the time just flew by. I think that before I know it, the entire session will be over.

As I'm typing this, my mom is in the kitchen making our Thanksgiving meal. We have always eaten on the Sunday, and even though the people that we used to share our meal with have moved away, we are maintaining that tradition. We're having spiral ham, mashed potatoes, yellow beans, carrots, squash and cucumber. Mmmmmm. The hams smells just amazing!

Wishing my blog readers a very happy Thanksgiving - take a moment to think about the things you're really thankful for.


Ange said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Dinner sounds wonderful! We're eating tomorrow (Monday) and everyone is coming to my parents' house.

Sounds like you had a successful second class. There's a saying in teaching - what you think will take an hour will only take 20 minutes; what you think will only take 20 minutes, takes an hour! Sounds like you are getting the pace down and your students are enjoying the experience! Way to go!

Weeza said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Visichy said...

Your blog made me drool on my keyboard LOL.

Sounds like the second rally class went well. It's so tough to measure if the class likes what you are doing or not... I have the same problem when I teach exercise classes. My best measuring tool of if they like it is if they make eye contact during class and if they come back to another class. I also like it when they come up to me after class to either thank me or ask a question... shows they value what I have to offer :)