Saturday, October 04, 2008

Some people are jerks!

So, I was getting into the work truck with my mom yesterday morning when I noticed the passenger door of my car looked ajar. I figured that my mom hadn't properly closed it last night, after I picked her up from the airport, so I got out to close it.No such luck - somebody broke into my car last night :(

They stole my satellite radio, and they also took some of my change (just the loonies and toonies, not the small stuff). They went throught EVERYTHING and left a huge mess in the car. I am feeling quite upset about the whole thing - now I know why people feel violated. UGH! I went to the local police detachment to file a report, but I doubt anything will come of it.

Now I'm paranoid about locking the car, the house and about people walking down the street. I wonder how long that will last?


Sarah C said...

Oh I'm really sorry to hear that! Will your insurance cover the damage to the door? Or is it not enough damage to even make a claim?

Visichy said...

That really sucks! Sorry you are going through that.