Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Well, I'm in Calgary for a conference for work. It's the very first Canadian national conference for the IIA (Institute of Internal Auditors - http://www.theiia.org). It's a big deal, and they've had fabulous turn out for this event. There are 400 auditors here! It's been a great event for networking - so far I've talked to auditors from all corners of the country (including the Yukon), and each one has provided me with new insight into the profession. There are facets to audit that I had never even thought of before. It has certainly renewed my vigor for this profession, which is one of the purposes of a conference, I'm sure.

Some of the speakers have been outstanding, and some a little bit more lackluster, but I honestly believe that the organizers have done their best to have a wide variety of presenters for the sessions, to reach everybody in the audience at one point or another. It's been a great learning experience, and I'm so glad that I was able to attend.

I hope that my faithful readers get chances like I have, to learn more about their chosen (or forced?) profession, and to get energized. It's a good feeling!


Ange said...

I'm so glad that you are finding your conference worthwhile. I always find that it's nice to chat with other teachers and realize I'm not alone in my thinking :)

Anything that makes going to work a little easier is worth it, eh? Hope today's sessions go well!

Weeza said...

I like conferences too!

Visichy said...

Sounds like a worthwhile trip for sure :)