Sunday, August 31, 2008


If you watch any newscast or CNN, you know that Hurricane Gustav is bearing down on the US Gulf Coast as I type this. It was a category 4 hurricane yesterday, with the potential to reach category 5 status. Fortunately it has weakened, and is only classified as a category 3 right now. New Orleans has been evacuated, and unlike with Katrina, this time most people left with enough time to get to safer ground. Hopefully even if there is flooding, wind and water damage, there won`t be such an extreme loss of life.

The scary thing (for me) is that I have a very good friend that lives in Central Louisana. Typically the folks from New Orleans evacuate to her location, but even they`re on high alert, and expecting around 45 inches of rain and winds up to 75 miles per hour. Hopefully there will be no tornadoes that develop as a result of the current weather. I worry about her and her family, even though they`ve lived through many hurricanes. You just never know when one will be too much.

My other concern is that I`m supposed to be traveling to Houston for work on Tuesday. Now, even if Houston does get some of the Gustav weather, it`s right on the western band of the storm, so it shouldn`t be nearly as severe. But it still makes me nervous to think of being down there with that horrendous weather. I`m reassured by the fact that Air Canada is very unlikely to fly into dangerous weather.

Pray for those in the path of Gustav (and Hurrican Hanna, predicted to hit the East coast - FL, SC, etc - in a few days).


Visichy said...

Good luck in Houston! Hopefully everything is fine there.

Weeza said...

Stay safe! Hugs.

Anonymous said...

Yikes! Stay safe as you head to Huston today!