Monday, August 25, 2008

Busy Weekend

I normally do more blog writing on weekends than during the week, but this weekend was an exception. It was busy! One of the things that I like do it in my spare time (you know, the stuff we all have oodles of LOL) is volunteer work. One of my passions is animal rescue - so locally I do as much as I can for the SPCA. In the late winter I was helping sort bottles (which can be returned for a refund in Alberta), so I decided that I would get back to that. I did some sorting on Friday night, and more on Saturday afternoon. It's actually fairly enjoyable, because I go with a good friend of mine, and we chat as we sort. It's also a good workout. You have no idea how stiff and sore you can get from hauling around cases of beer and big boxes of glass bottles!

I also managed to get some grooming in this weekend. Jack-Jack and Grace are entered in a show the weekend of Sept 13th, so I wanted to do some preparatory grooming. Saturday I spent a couple of hours with Jack-Jack, and then on Sunday I spent some time on Grace. Both of them look fabulous and ready to take on the world now!

Other than that I spent some more time moving stuff from my old laptop to my new one. I'm still getting used to Vista, but otherwise the transition is going well. I'm happy with my new PaintShop Pro X2 software and VERY happy to have been able to install FrontPage again.

Hope your weekend was enjoyable and productive :)

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