Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sweet Baby James

Be still my heart. On Saturday night, I got to see THE James Taylor in concert. Most people my age don't have a clue who James Taylor is, as he was popular in the 70's, but he still has a big following. And I am included within that group. He was absolutely AMAZING! For a guy in his sixties, he still has amazing energy. And his voice is as awesome as it was when he got his start. He had a wonderful back-up band that he calls his Band of Legends. Each one of those musicians is a star in their own right - they were awesome. The concert was made up of covers (songs originally done by other artists) and James Taylor classics. Every song was excellent, but of note were "Steamroller" and of course "Sweet Baby James."

I have been so lucky over the past year to see arists that have never traveled to Canada before - Van Morrison (who rarely tours at all) and James Taylor. I'm not sure that I can top these concerts . . . they were both breathtaking adventures!

Thanks for letting me share my excitement. As corny as it is, I got tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat when he started singing his first song. What a dream!

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