Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Still no cell phone

'Nuff said. Sigh.

And now I've written down the name of the so-called "customer service" rep that I've dealt with for most of the past 10 days. She has NO customer service skills at all, and was rude again today (she's the one I talked to on Friday as well). I plan to make a complaint when all of this is done - but not until AFTER I have a functioning phone in my hot little hands.

Gotta comment on the guys doing construction on some pipe that runs under the walking path by my house. They have a truck with supplies blocking the walking path . . . so I have to use the sidewalk, which is no big deal. But their construction signs are blocking the sidewalk, so I have to either walk on the road (not safe) or on peoples' lawns (most people don't want two dogs on their lawn). Smart thinkin' guys!


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the cell. I just kept asking for a manager until I got higher and higher up in the company. Finally I got a direct line to someone from the loyalty department and the forced provision people (the ones who make things happen)... Hopefully you will get your cell soon :)

Visichy said...

Are you able to go with another cell company? Or is Telus the only one up there? Even if you don't want to switch, the threat of switching might make them smarten up.

Good luck!