Thursday, February 22, 2007

Happy 100!

Yep, this is officially my hundredth blog post . . . too cool! All of my "chatting" has taken place in the last 15 months. My first post was in December 2005, and here is my hundredth, in February 2007. Thank you to my faithful readers.

Today we are in Austin, which is the state capital of Texas (I didn't know that - I always thought it was Dallas). It's a beautiful city, and of course the 80 degree weather made it all the more attractive. We spent the morning at the State Railroad Regulatory Commission (I think that's the name), getting a presentation on regulation of natural gas pricing and state policies. It was very interesting. We then had lunch at the State Capitol building (which is the largest in the US, since they did the subterranean expansion) and had a guided tour. It's very nice. Each door has three brass hinges that are elaborately designed, and that say Texas on them. Each set of hinges weighs 8 pounds! Just an interesting fact.

This afternoon we were at the University of Texas Austin School of Business, and we got some presentations on the various programs, including the MBA program. We had the opportunity to chat with some of the students, which gave us a perspective on school down here.

Tonight we went as a whole group for supper to the Texas Land and Cattle Steakhouse. It was loud, fun and we had great food. Everybody else went out partying, but I needed to take a break. I think it's pretty obvious that I'm a HUGE party-pooper here, but I just don't like going out all the time. My friends understand that . . . classmates not so much ;)

Tomorrow we drive back to Houston (on a bus), and then I fly to Louisiana to have a visit with a dear friend. Monday morning marks the start of my journey back home. Although I'm enjoying my visit to the South immensely, I am missing my dogs and family, and am looking forward to heading home in a few more days. I will desperately miss this amazing weather though!


Visichy said...

I always thought Houston was the capital of Texas. Guess we were both wrong LOL :)

Visichy said...

BTW, I now have the theme song from "Dallas" in my head LOL.

Weeza said...

Happy hundredth!! That's a great milestone.

Anonymous said...

Houston, me too Vicky. Interesting facts, thanks for sharing.