Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Back Home . . . For Now

Wow, I am so tired today . . . I guess all of my traveling has finally caught up with me. But it was SO worth it, especially the last few days, which were spent in Louisiana. I know that LA doesn't sound like an exciting tourism destination, but it sure was amazing. There is so much to eat, see and try. In the short two days that I was there, we crammed a lot of stuff in!

On the Saturday we had breakfast at Lea's at Lecompte, a restaurant that has been running for many, many years. They are famous for their handmade pies. We had a great meal, and brought a pie home to have later (chocolate, and it was yummy). Then we went to Fred's in 'Tet Mamou (little Mamou) to listen to authentic Cajun music (called Zydeco). This place is world famous, and the origin of Zydeco music. It was ROCKIN' in there! After that we went to Teet's in Opelousas, where we bought boudin (rice sausage), cracklin's (pork rinds freshly fried), and Slap Ya Mama (totally awesome Cajun spices mixed in Opelousas). My friend's husband went home for a nap (being surrounded by 3 beautiful women is so tiring) and we toured Alexandria. Did some shopping, and got to see where my friend spent her formative years.

Saturday night we went to Tunk's Cypress Inn, which is a traditional Cajun restaurant. It is on Kincaid Lake (I think) and the view from our table was stunning (for the hour that it wasn't storming and dark out, anyhow). We ate alligator (not bad), deep fried pickles (salty), crawfish (really good) and catfish (AMAZING). The meal was to die for, and I got a new bumper sticker for the car that says "I ate alligator at Tunk's Cypress Inn"

Sunday morning we did some shooting (yes, real guns - 22 caliber and 38 caliber). What a rush to experience that feeling of power! We just shot into the bayou (at tree trunks, not 'gators), but it was really cool. I groomed my friend's dogs (while everybody watched), and we chatted. I showed her some grooming stuff, so she was happy. I tried to tell her that I'm far from a professional, but she wouldn't listen. I was glad to help show her stuff, anyhow. Sunday afternoon we drove to Nactitoches (pronounced nag-a-dish as far as I can remember) and went to Melrose Plantation. There is a large antebellum home there, and most of the outbiuldings as well. We had a guided tour, and then drove back to Alexandria. Sunday night we had smoked BBQ ribs made by my friend's dad, and an all around good meal.

Yesterday my friend and her mom drove me to Houston (about 4.5 hours), and then I flew home from Houston. Loooooong day. But it had a nice ending, when my good friend picked me up and even brought me flowers :) I was so touched by that gesture. She hung around as I unpacked, and listened to me jabber on about my trip.

The dogs were THRILLED to see me home again, and I was pretty happy to see them too. I really missed them. Tomorrow I'm off to Edmonton again, for a Van Morrison concert. This guy almost NEVER tours, so I'm really looking forward to it. Not looking forward to the driving though. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

Eat, eat and more eating. Boy, I could tell you really enjoyed eating there lol Good thing I had supper already or I would be getting hungry.

Visichy said...

Sounds like a fun trip. I'm glad you are home safe and looking forward to the concert :)

Sabrito said...

Welcome home!

Silverwood said...

Hugs to the kids.