Friday, February 02, 2007

A Good Week

They say that if you do something every day for a week, it starts to become habit. I haven't been exercising 7 days a week, but after 3 weeks of walking and getting on the elliptical machine, I think it may have finally become a bit of a habit. Even the days that I just do NOT want to do it, I make myself. I did the "machine of death" 3 times this week, and took Grace for a brisk 30 minute walk one day too. I took yesterday off, because I had a function right after work. I'm consistently up to 10 minutes on the elliptical, but that's about all I can manage. It still feels like my lungs will spontaneously combust and my legs will fall off. I HAVE to get into shape!

I got my paper proposal done and handed in on Tuesday night, so that's good. Our group project is well on track for being done by Friday the 9th. The powerpoint presentation is done, I just have to pull together the accompanying paper. That won't take long at all.

Overall it's been a good week. My eating has been a bit extravagant, but otherwise I've done well. And the diet will get back on track this coming week. I'm not weighing weekly like my friend is, but my pants are fitting better, and that's always a good sign!

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