Saturday, February 10, 2007

Absolutely incredible!

Yep, the Barenaked Ladies were amazing (and entirely clothed, and not really ladies). The concert was worth every penny paid for tickets, hotel and gas, as well as time taken off from work. Although they have a relatively new album, and the tour is named for that album (B.L.A.M. Tour - Barenaked Ladies Are Me), they played mostly their older stuff. I think they played at least one song from each of their past albums. They are excellent show men, and they really know how to play to a crowd. I had a floor seat, 30 rows back, and I was on my feet for the entire show. Clapping, singing, dancing and generally having a great time. After the show I bought a memory stick with that evening's concert on it - recorded live. It means I have all of the impromptu stuff that they came up with. Too cool!

The opening act was Tomi Swick, who hails from Hamilton, ON (great alliteration there, don't you think?). He was great too. He was nominated for 2 Junos, so keep your eyes peeled for this up and coming Canadian artist.

My mom and I did quite a bit of shopping in those few free hours. I bought a new pair of shoes - they're similar to Skechers shoes, but they're made by Dr. Scholls and they have gel insoles. I fell guilty when I wear them, because I feel like I have slippers on all the time. They're awesome!

Today I helped my friend assemble her new bed and dresser set. It was just proof that women can truly exist without the help of men ;) We had fun, and the bedroom set looks awesome. When her night tables and long dresser come, the room is going to look great.

Hope y'all are enjoying your weekend as much as I'm enjoying mine :)

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Visichy said...

Glad you had a great time! The BNL's played in Leth too and got fabulous reviews. Unfortunately I wasn't able to go. Hopefully they come back soon :)