Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Friends, be proud of me!

Yes, occasionally a leopard can change its spots. And I managed to distort mine just a week bit this week. For my one final class, there are two portions. One portion is an individual term paper, and the other portion is a group presentation and paper. The group portion is due on Friday coming . . . I have been one of the chief motivators of my group for meeting and getting the presentation done. The slides are being submitted to the professor tomorrow, and the paper is DONE! I compiled the slide information to make the paper, and I got it done well ahead of time. Thank you, thank you . . . of course, work not being busy right now certainly helped.

Heading to Edmonton with my mom tomorrow. We're going to see the Barenaked Ladies in concert, as I posted the other day. They're a rock/pop group, and they're purely Canadian. They've been around for forever, and they are awesome! Can't wait to see them. I saw them 6 years ago, and they were fabulous. I expect nothing less for the second time around.

Today Grace turns 6 months old. In the show world she is officially legal now . . . eligible to compete for points towards her Canadian championship title. Of course, she's not showing for a while yet, but at least I know she's legal. Cool! Happy half-birthday to her brothers and sister . . . hope everyone is being spoiled tonight!


Visichy said...

Happy B'day Gracie :)

Lyndarae said...

You are the best Kelly!

Sabrito said...

Congrats Kelly!! Happy half birthday Gracie :P

Anonymous said...

Happy Half-Birthday Grace and happy Unbirthday to Farley!