Monday, October 16, 2006

Back On Track

Since taking a 2 week off from posting in my blog, I feel like I should be updating everybody more regularly. Unfortunately, there's nothing really exciting enough to write about! Other than my irritation with the baseball playoffs, which are pre-empting all of my favourite TV shows. I have been reduced to watching House re-runs, and I HATE knowing how they end! Ugh! I guess I could do my homework, but it's not due for two whole weeks . . . what will I do the night before if I don't have homework to stress about?

So I'm hitting the road again this weekend. This time I'm taking a trip down to Lethbridge, to visit with Farley's breeder Valerie and my friend Vicky (Valerie's niece). And yeah, I *might* be looking at a puppy girl while I'm down there. And yeah, she *might* be coming home with me. And no, I'm not excited at all. HUGE understatement!

My friend is coming with me for the road trip (my friend that is moving to Calgary). On our way to Lethbridge we're stopping in Calgary, to visit a good friend of ours that has been traveling in Europe for the past few months. I can't wait to see her, and I can't wait for the road trip with my friend. What a weekend it's going to be!

Stay tuned for updates.


Weeza said...

Say hi to Vicky for me. :-)

Visichy said...

Say hi yourself! LOL :)