Monday, October 23, 2006

Home Sweet Home

After a whole heck of a lot of driving, I'm finally home again! And VERY glad to be here too. I drove down to Lethbridge this weekend, to have a visit with Farley's breeder. Lethbridge is a solid 10 hour drive from here, so it was looooong. Luckily I had a good friend along for company, and I was able to make some pit stops along the way. I will write more when I get some time, but I just want to say, it was GREAT! Every person we stayed with (my friend and I) was wonderful about providing a place to sleep and wonderful company. We had a wonderful time, and I would do it again in a heartbeat (although I won't enjoy the driving).

I came home with an additional passenger :) Her name is Grace, and she is the future of KLAD Cockers. She is a very beautiful and sweet Cocker baby that has the world before her. She has been just wonderful since I left Lethbridge with her . . . great in the car, and no crying last night even though she had to sleep by herself. I am SO proud of her! She adores her big brother Farley, although the adoration does not go both ways. I think he'll adjust, especially since she has such a lovely temperament that is compatible with his.

I want to thank my good friends Vicky and Valerie for sharing this wonderful girl with me. I hope we do you VERY proud!

Welcome home Gracie-Lou-Who!

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Weeza said...

Aww... "Gracie-Lou-Who" - that's adorable! She's a cutie pie. :-)