Monday, June 22, 2009

Lesson Learned

I learned a very important lesson the other night. I want to pass it along so that others don't suffer like I did.

When training your dog for agility (weave poles in this case), put the other dogs in the house. This could save your life. Or at least the knees of your pants (or capris). I was running Grace through the weave poles the other night, cheering her on because she was nailing them over and over again (not quite straight, but oh so close now!). I guess Jack Jack wanted to get in on the action, because he ran right in front of me. I was full steam ahead, and didn't see the blonde blur under my feet. Thank goodness the grass is soft, because I did an elbow and knee plant . . . and I'm pretty sure I flew through the air first.

After calling the dog some choice names (I'm sure the neighbors enjoyed that), I rolled onto my back and looked at the sky, simultaneously testing my various body parts to ensure they were attached and functioning as intended. Then I got up, called Jack, apologized for calling him nasty, insulting names, and quit for the night.

Lesson learned. Train one dog and one dog only!


Visichy said...

LOL. Good lesson. I'm glad you got off (relatively) unscathed.

Brenda said...

Sounds like a lesson learned the hard way (glad you both are ok). When I first started agility with Remi, I would try to do a cross over while he was coming down the mountain and confused him (maybe I was the confused one) and tripped over him (with everyone watching). Never fun! Glad to hear the weave poles are getting easier!!

Monica said...

Glad to hear you survived the fall. Poor Jack just wanted in the action. Sounds like lesson learned. Thanks for the tip. :)