Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Blonde Moment Supreme

A few weeks ago, my mom and I took a trip to Edmonton with my niece. We took her to see the Stars On Ice figure skating show, and we had a good visit with my aunt and uncle. While in Edmonton, I stopped at G&E Pharmacy . . . the ultimate source for inexpensive pet supplies and pet food (including all of your bird, small critter and horse needs). I tend to stop in there every time I travel to Edmonton, just to check it out, and get dog food if I need it.

I grabbed a small bag of California Natural Herring & Potato formula to try with the dogs, and what I thought was a medium sized bag of Acana Pacifica (grain-free) food as well, which is their usual formula. I opened the Cal Nat food as soon as I got home, to mix with their remainin Acana, and put the rest of the food away.

Tonight, in an attempt to prepare for a weekend away (and then a week away for work following), I opened the new bag of food. CAT food. Perfect :( So now I have a $43 bag of cat food, and no dog food. Guess what my first stop is when I hit Edmonton on Thursday? Yep! G&E Pharmacy. And you can bet your bananas that I'll be checking the bag thoroughly before checking out.


Brenda said...

Oh no! I wonder if they will let you exchange it? That must have been a heartfelt let down.
Good luck at your show this weekend, Jack Jack is going to shine like the star he is :)

Sarah C said...

Oh no... lol. Too bad I don't live closer, I would have bought it off you!

Good luck at the show!

Visichy said...


BTW, I saw UP last night. I agree with you. It was a great movie :)