Saturday, June 27, 2009

Agility Fun Match

So, most of you probably don't know that I live in the middle of nowhere, in Northern Alberta. There are never dog shows, fun matches, trials or anything like that here. Everything is at least 5 hours away, if not further. Fortunately, the lady that I was working for when I taught Rally classes took it upon herself to organize a NADAC fun match today. There was one Standard run, one Touch'n'Go and two Tunnelers runs. I didn't know about the match soon enough to make all four runs (another appointment), so I only got to do the Tunnelers runs with Grace. She's been training in agility since the fall, and in the last 8 weeks has only attended two classes (I've been away so much for work).

The first tunnelers run was . . . interesting. She started out well, but kept refusing to enter the dark tunnel . . . so I skipped it and continued with the course. It was in a horse barn with loosely packed dirt, and I lost my footing (and was WAY out of breath), so I took a tumble. I did a lovely somersault and hurt absolutely nothing, but got all kinds of applause LOL We finished the course smiling and laughing. It really wasn't bad for her first agility run EVER.

The second run was better (but tougher). I had to do a front cross, and it went really well. Grace wasn't super fast, but she was accurate, and we ended up being the second fastest small dog for that run! She even got a prize :-D Overall I'd say it was pretty successful, and it got me pumped for future agility trials!

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