Sunday, November 09, 2008


I am so impressed with my Jack-Jack over the past couple of days that I just had to share. I know I talk far too much about my dogs, but my life is about dogs and training and sharing their lives, so you're stuck reading about it.

I am house sitting for friends this weekend. I brought Jack and Grace to their home, to stay with their 2 Keeshonds (sort of like big, grey Samoyeds). I knew that bringing Jack into the house was going to be an issue, but he really went all out. He screamed bloody murder as soon as he walked into the house, even with the Keesies behind a baby gate. I'm sure the neighbours had the phone ready to dial 911 given the noise that he made. It was horrendous! He calmed down enough to stop shreiking, but was still very afraid. He wouldn't go anywhere near the Keeshonds (who weren't even paying attention to him), and was in my lap, shaking, all night. Grace was playing with Gibson (the male Keeshond) and having a blast.

Saturday morning was somewhat better, as Jack wasn't shaking, whining or walking around with a wild-eyed look on his face. I was out running errands most of the day, so Grace and Jack were in the kennel and the Keesies were loose. Last night when I fed them and then let them out, he was able to potty in the run with the Keesies in there, which was progress.

This morning I thought I was going to cry - tears of joy, not of sadness. After eating and going outside, I was eating a cookie in the kitchen, and Jack was trying to initiate play with Gibson! He was play-bowing, wagging his tail and jumping around. Hallelujah! I know he's not totally cured of his fear, but what a huge transformation from Friday night to Sunday morning! We're there until Monday night, so he has some more time to realize that other dogs aren't terrifying monsters at all, but really just fun to play with!


Visichy said...

That's awesome! Hopefully in time his fear of big dogs will be gone. Thank god for tolerant Keesies who couldn't care less about Jack's antics LOL

Ange said...

Way to go Jack!