Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Continuing Adventures of ME

Last week I was in Edmonton for work. I drove down on Wednesday and had two days in a contractor's office down there. I brought Jack and Grace with me, and stayed at Jackie's place. We had a GREAT visit, and we got some cute pictures of Jack and his sisters. When I have some time to go through them I'll post them. I managed to get a fair chunk of my holiday shopping done, and my mom, some friends and I saw the musical "Hairspray." It was a great trip.

Jack had a tooth that wasn't coming in properly, so I made an appointment with Jackie's vet to have it pulled (he can't be shown with a funky tooth). Her vet is at least half the price of mine, so I use them when I can. Anyhow, they were testing to see how tough it would be to get out (before putting him under), and it actually popped out with very little pressure. It was an underdeveloped tooth that wasn't attached to the bone. So that was cheap! And now he has a gap in his mouth . . . just like a little boy that got into a fight LOL That was an adult tooth, though, so he'll always have the gap.

Grace had a blast at Jackie's - her daughters just love Grace, and she loves them back. She played and played and played. Jack enjoyed it too . . . he was picking on his sisters quite a bit. It was cute! Jackie and I had a fabulous visit as always.

On the Saturday night, I was driving home from supper with Jackie and the kids (but in my own car), when the pick-up truck in front of me hit a deer! The deer flipped through the air and rolled into the ditch, and the guy slammed on his brakes. I was sure that I was going to hit him, although I wasn't too close or driving too fast (about 20kmh below the speed limit). By the grace of God I missed hitting him by no more than 4 inches. That scared the crap out of me.

Sunday I drove home (4.5 hours) - thankfully traffic was light and the roads were good.

Monday morning I woke up at 4:30am to fly to Calgary for work overnight. Normally I love traveling, but I was already so tired. But off I went. After work, my co-worker and I went to check into our hotel (that our company travel department had booked and confirmed), only to be told that they had oversold the rooms and we couldn't have one. Oh my goodness, I was tired and cranky already, and that almost put me over the edge. We ended up in a Best Western (which is okay in itself) in a VERY dicey part of town. At least the hotel was clean, and only one guy wanted to buy drugs from us. Yikes! But it was a room. It's almost impossible to get rooms in Calgary because the economy is still so hot and there are lots of head offices there, so at least we weren't sleeping in the rental.

That night I took a taxi to meet some friends for supper - I almost didn't go because my dad was going so poorly, but I don't get to see these friends too often, so I couldn't pass it up. I got the world's most CLUELESS cab driver! He had never heard of the restaurant, and refused to follow my directions. I was so frustrated . . . you really have NO idea! Thankfully supper was good, and my friend and her husband drove me back to the hotel.

Yesterday was a better day, although the Denny's did get my order wrong. At least there were no major mishaps! It was so good to get home last night!!!! I don't expect to be traveling anymore until the new year, and that makes me VERY happy!So that's my news . . . life continues to be crazy-busy with obedience classes and dog grooming and stuff. Grace has Tuesday night agility (we missed it last night due to my travel), Jack has Thursday night obedience (we missed last week due to my travel) and starting Friday we have 3 sessions of Tricks & Treats training (Jack and I).

Sunday is my last Rally-O class - I can't believe it's over already! I've enjoyed teaching it so much, and plans are already underway for another session in January, along with a more advanced session for my current students.

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Visichy said...

Glad you are home safe after all your adventures. :)