Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Smart Dogs!

Well, I am feeling pretty proud of my dogs this morning (although Grace is really testing my patience by stealing toast off the counter this morning). It seems that they're all on a streak of being super smart.

Jack Jack is taking a Tricks & Treats class (just 3 sessions), and he's doing really well with it. So far he's learning to target to my hand, bow, spin left and right, sit up and beg and play dead. He doesn't like to play dead, but he's doing really well with everything else. Such a smarty pants!

Grace is doing SUPER well with agility. Last night while practising weaves, twice she went to run by the entry, and she changed her mind, changed her path, and entered correctly! It doesn't sound like a major accomplishment, but it means she understands the weave poles and how the entry works. She loves agility so much . . . it's definitely her "thing."

But Farley was the smartest one of all. This morning he jumped on the recliner in front of the big TV downstairs and managed to turn it on. Since we have satellite, TV and a number of other electronic gadgets, just turning on the TV is pretty challenging. I thought that was pretty clever, but I'm not sure the trick has a lot of reproducability.

Thanks for letting me brag about my smarty-pants dogs . . . it's not too often that all three are on a smart roll at once!


Anonymous said...

The tricks and treats class sounds fun! One day I would love to have a dog who would love agility... glad you found one! Wow.. Farley has some mad skills! lol

Visichy said...

Ahhhh, Farley's awesome LOL. That's the kind of trick I can respect :)

Ange said...

I can just picture Farley flaking out in front of the TV! And I'm so proud of Grace too! Sounds like agility really is her thing :)