Monday, November 10, 2008

Cocker Rescue

As the holiday season begins, people seem to feel more charitable. I think it's just something about the spirit of giving that infuses peoples' souls. One of my big passions (as those that know me well know) is Cocker Spaniel rescue. Cocker rescue helps find homes for Cockers that would otherwise end up in shelters, possibly being euthanized due to lack of space or overcrowding. Cocker rescues are run by volunteers who give their time, money and hearts to these "throwaway" dogs. They rehabilitate them and find them loving homes.

Some of the rescues that I work with are running some holiday fundraisers.

Life's Little Paws is running their holiday auction, which benefits several rescue groups - It runs until November 22, 2008.

Camp Cocker is doing a calendar fundraiser - this one is neat because a competition was run to see which dogs would be featured. JackJack and Grace are featured one month, so it is with pride that I share the end product with you -

Several Cocker rescues have come together to promote Santa Paws this year - Cherished Cockers, Camp Cocker, Second Chance Cocker Rescue, Columbus Cocker Rescue and Life's Little Paws are running a donation drive. You can send funds to Donna J at You can see the original post at This money could really make a difference for these rescues, and every single one featured is reputable and super hard-working.

All it takes is everybody contributing just $5 and the amount raised will grow exponentially. So please consider sharing the wealth and enhancing a Cocker Spaniel's holiday season.

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