Saturday, November 22, 2008

Festival Of Trees

One of the traditions in the community that I live in is the annual Festival of Trees. It is a fundraiser for the health region, and it's a huge deal. What happens is that several trees are decorated in a theme and then donated to the Festival of Trees. The trees are displayed for a weekend, and on the Saturday night there is a gala supper where people can bid on and purchase the trees. The fundraiser brings in a large amount of money, and people from the community flock to the display to see what the trees are every year. This year there were some awesome, awesome trees . . .

The "Let It Snow" tree, which had a theme of snow and snowmen. VERY cute! There was even a tree ornament with the words "Let It Snow" on it. I would have purchased that tree if I had the means to do so. There was a "Candy Land" tree done in red and white candy decorations. So, so cute! A Webkinz tree with 70 Webkinz, some accessories, and a laptop for the winner to register their Webkinz. There were roughly 75 trees (I could be way off base), and each one was unique and breathtaking. The peacock tree was just awesome! Sparkly and colourful.

This event was a great way for my mom and I to get into the holiday spirit today. When we got home, I was very ready to dig out the Christmas stuff and put up the tree! I hope you're getting into the holiday spirit too!


Ange said...

I am just about to reload my iPod with all my Christmas music. I have started teaching my class Christmas songs, and I've even started my Christmas shopping (for me, this is EARLY!).
But the thing that really got me into the spirit was shopping for Operation Christmas know, the whole shoe box thing! We must have had over 200 boxes at the front of the church this morning and it was just wonderful!
I would have liked to see some of the trees you described. Sounds like a great way to start the season!

Visichy said...

They do the same thing at the hospital down here but I've never gone to it. You have inspired me to go check it out.... if it's still on or I'll have to wait until next year.