Saturday, February 02, 2008

Breathing . . . underappreciated!

So, as part of my Christmas gift from a good friend, I got a wicked cold. Sore throat, temperature, the whole nine yards. I had that for almost a month. Around the end of January, I finally started getting rid of the cough and feeling better. Imagine my delight when on Tuesday night, I had a sore throat and trouble breathing (stuffed up nose). What the heck? Shouldn't everybody just get ONE cold per season? It's totally unfair that I have another one, on the tail of the first one. YUCK! It's Saturday night now, and I still can't breathe well. My teeth are covered in "fur" and I have the ever-lovely cotton mouth. It's such an attractive feeling. I went for lunch with a good friend, and I was almost embarassed to eat, because it's tough to eat when you can't breathe. Fortunately she didn't make me sit at another table. Good friends are worth their weight in gold!

If you don't have a cold, I'm green with envy. Enjoy your health, and enjoy the luxury of breathing!

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Weeza said...

Yup, breathing is definitely under-appreciated. :-)

I hope you feel better soon! I agree that there should be a limit of one sickness per season.