Thursday, February 21, 2008

8 Thankful Things

I stole this idea from somebody else's blog (I do that a lot, it seems!), but I really liked the sentiment. And it goes with "Thankful Thursday" which I borrowed from another blogging friend.

Eight Thankful Things
  • My dogs, who keep me sane and balanced
  • My job, which I am constantly learning at, and I enjoy a lot
  • My wonderful friends - there are several in particular that come to mind, that I lean on on a regular basis, and that mean the world to me
  • My family - especially my parents, who I'm very close to and lucky to have a good relationship with
  • My computer, which keeps me connected to the world, and to my many friends that live far, far away
  • The fact that I make good enough money to be able to buy what I need, and often what I want, without worrying about how to make ends meet
  • The Northern Lights, which are so spectacular and beautiful to look at, especially on a crisp, clear, cool winter night
  • My ability as a writer - it might not seem like much to those that read my blog (and can't imagine being forced to read my writing on a daily basis), but I'm grateful for this God-given skill

Thanks for the idea, my blogger friend . . . I enjoyed thinking about the things I am most thankful for today!

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Anonymous said...

Fun list Kelly. I guess one good thing about living in the frozen north is you can actually see the northern lights. I think it has been a few years since I have seen them!