Monday, January 28, 2008

Holy Moley!

Yep, when the centigrade and fahrenheit scales match up (because it's so cold), there are only two words to use. Holy and moley. Together. One after the other. At this moment in time, it is -39 C and -38 F. YIKES! Skin freezes in less time than it takes me to walk to the bus stop when it's like this. Thankfully I own enough winter clothing for somebody living in the Yukon, so my skin isn't really exposed to the air. I don't know how the dogs can manage to be outside long enough to pee and poop though. It's one of those times that I feel REALLY bad for making them go outside.

They're forecasting at least 2-3 more days of this . . . so if I didn't have to be at work, I'd be hibernating. As that's not an option, hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go. Oh well, at least the heat works there!

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Weeza said...

"Holy and moley. Together. One after the other."

Lol, yup. It's that's cold.