Sunday, February 17, 2008

Busy Weekend

Well, I'm happy to report to my faithful readers that I am over being bitter about Valentine's Day. For at least another year, anyhow. Who knows what next year will bring?

So far my weekend has been pretty busy. Saturday was "kitchen cleaning" day, so we took everything out of the kitchen and cleaned it from top to bottom. It was pretty hard work - it's almost scary how dirty and grimy a kitchen can get when it's used for cooking. When I have a kitchen in my own home, it never gets that kind of wear and tear. In the afternoon I had to get up on the roof to shovel some of the snow off, as it was leaking into the bathroom again. Not being a fan of heights, it was a bit of a challenge coming down from the roof . . . but I talked myself down.

Today was busy too. I have decided to dedicate some of my time to volunteering for the SPCA this year. I decided that I would help out with sorting bottles at the bottle depot, as that can be a big fundraiser. In Alberta we pay a deposit on soda and alcohol bottles, as well as tetra packs. So people bring bags and bags of bottles to a fenced-in area of the shelter, and volunteers do the icky task of sorting and counting the bottles. We did three truckloads today, and it took 6 people about 3 hours. We did well for the SPCA . . . this was my second stint, so I've put in about 6 hours total. It's a good feeling to be helping out, though.

Tomorrow I'm doing some grooming, and I have some articles to get written as well. Thank goodness it's Family Day, and a statutory holiday. I need the extra day to get everything done!

Hope you're enjoying your long weekend, and making the best of the improved Alberta weather.

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Anonymous said...

You... bitter... about Valentines... Never!! *lol* I hate it too... I ranted about it on my blog today :) Hope you get everything done you want to this weekend :)