Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Why are there always people in the world that think the rules don't apply to them? No matter how clear the rules are, there is always somebody that refuses to follow them.

Case #1

There is a Safeway (grocery store) just a few blocks away from me. Along the front of the store are several very clearly marked NO PARKING signs. They're impossible to miss. Every time I stop there to do some shopping, there are people parked there. Their vehicle lights are on and the vehicles are running. Now, last time I checked the sign, it didn't say "No parking unless yur vehicle is running." So why are those people clearly violating the signs? Oh wait, I know! It's because they're just too darned important to take the time to find a spot, park the car and walk to and from the store. Who has those extra 2 minutes?

Case #2

At my doctor's office there are signs on all of the doors asking people to please remove their shoes before entering the clinic. It's very clear, there is no mistaking it. And just in case you miss it, there is another sign inside, asking the same thing. So I was at the clinic on Monday, to see about this stupid cold I have. All of us patients are waiting in sock feet. I know my socks are going to get dirty, but I can live with it, because we're ALL in the same boat. Then this woman in fancy clothes come in. I know (because of her name) that she's a higher up at one of the local oil companies. She just will NOT take off her shoes! So there are the rest of us, with dirty socks, and she's all prim and proper in her pumps. Why? Oh wait, let me guess. The socks will get dirty, causing her to do more laundry, which would waste her valuable time.

Do these people really think that they're above and beyond rules? If so, I wonder what makes them think that. I mean, in some circles, I'm very important. Just ask my dogs, who rely on me for everything. But I would never assume that it gives me the right to blatantly break rules.

Just my rant for the day!

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