Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Christmas Shopping

So, my fellow bloggers (and anybody else that happens to be reading my random ramblings), are you all done your Christmas shopping? There are only 19 days to go, and as I drive around the city I live in, parking lots for retail establishments are full of cars. People walk out of stores loaded down with bags and boxes, either shopping for loved ones or for themselves. Personally, shopping at this time of year makes me stir crazy. I love the music and decorations, but I hate the crowded stores, pushy people and endless lines. I start to go a little nutty, and that's never a good thing.

So I do my shopping early. By mid-November I was mostly done my shopping. My mom and I took a trip to Edmonton, and I did the bulk of my shopping then. Any of the small items were either ordered online or purchased in store before it got crazy. Once the last few items are delivered, I'm good to go! I just have to wrap (which I love doing) and give.

Hope your holiday shopping is almost done, so you can avoid the crowds too :)

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Weeza said...

Yep, I like doing my shopping early too. Beat the crowds! :-)