Saturday, July 07, 2007

Ooops, I guess I forgot . . .

Sorry everyone, I have been so busy that I have forgotten to post on my Blog. I have hit the ground running over the past month, even though school is done. I thought things were going to quiet down once school was done, and they haven't. Not one bit.

On Father's Day (June 17) my brother's girlfriend had her baby, about 4.5 weeks premature. He ended up getting flown to Edmonton to go to the NICU. He's actually still there now, but they're thinking he might get to come home soon. Baby Ian faces some pretty amazing challenges, but he has a great support system so hopefully that helps.

Then last weekend I had another dog show . . . feels like I've done so many shows this year, but it's actually the same amount as last year. It just seems like a lot. I guess maybe because at the last one I had two dogs to show instead of one, but that was a really fun show. My friend Vicky came, and brought Grace's brother and sister, as well as a dog from the US that she has here to show. Lots of work, but we had SO MUCH fun. Every show that Grace, Diva and Levi were entered in, at least one of them took home points. That sure says a lot about the consistency of the breeding program.

And now I'm grooming a lot, to catch up on the grooming I didn't do in May and June. But that's short term busy-ness, so it shall pass. Anyhow, that's the quick update. I promise to try and write more in July.

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Weeza said...

Hi Kelly,

I'm a little behind on my blog too. I blame facebook. :-)

I'm glad the dog show went well and especially best wishes to baby Ian!