Monday, July 16, 2007

Time marches on . . .

And as time marches on, I keep not updating my blog. At least I have the decency to be embarrassed about it . . . and I'm trying to rectify the situation. For now, anyhow.

Things have been busy here, but to be honest with you, I wouldn't be able to manage life any other way. My two youngest nieces have been living with us off and on (mostly on for my youngest niece, who's been here for 6 weeks), and that keeps all of us on our toes. It takes a toddler to show you how kid-proof your home is NOT. Farley & Grace have been just excellent with the kids . . . they tolerate a million times more than I can! I'm so impressed with how good they've been.

Work is not busy at all. In fact, I just hate being so slow and quiet . . . but that's just the way it is right now. My company is undergoing a significant re-organization, and everybody is waiting to find out what their job roles are going to be. For some it's a big change, for others it's not.

I've been grooming quite a bit lately. Everybody wants to get their dog groomed before they go on holidays. This coming weekend I haven't booked any dogs, so that I can get my own dogs groomed. By then they should need it!

And other than that, it's just been little stuff taking up my time. But I'm glad to have plenty to do, otherwise I'd just be bored. And then I'd be watching too much TV, like Big Brother, Hell's Kitchen and the rest of my favourite reality TV shows!

Oops, gotta go! Hell's Kitchen is on ;)

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Weeza said...

Ooh, don't forget Canada's Next Top Model. I just wathed the finale. :-)