Sunday, June 17, 2007

Good Luck Taffy!

Well, I haven't posted about this, as I didn't want to jinx it, but it's now official . . . Taffy has been adopted! She has been living with very good friends of mine for the past couple of weeks, and today they signed the paperwork to make the adoption official. I couldn't ask for a better home for Taffy - she is loved beyond belief, she gets long walks every day, and she gets to hang out with her dad all day long. What could be better? I will be grooming her, so I will get to see her regularly, plus her new mom is a close friend of mine, so that's even cooler. I couldn't be happier with the home she's in.

Her new mom brought me some beautiful flowers, with a card thanking me for introducing her into their lives. That just about brought me to tears . . . what a fabulous gift.

Please join me in wishing Taffy well as she wraps her new family completely around her paws!


Anonymous said...


Visichy said...

That's awesome! Good luck Taffy :D

Sabrito said...

I'm really happy for both of you... I hope she is very happy with her new family :)

Weeza said...

Hugs and good luck Taffy! And I love the shades. :-) You'll be the coolest pooch on the block.

Silverwood said...

All the best Taffy ... sounds like she hit the jackpot!!

Hope you are feeling better Kelly ... I don't get around to reading blogs very often, but sounds like you had a tough time.

Hugs to Farley and Grace.

Carrie said...

Taffy was lucky she had you :-) Cute pic too.