Sunday, March 11, 2007

The shoe dropped

Okay, okay . . . I guess posting about all the good things in my life alerted Murphy that the law was being broken (yep, Murphy's Law). Fortunately, of all the bad things that could happen, this is pretty low on the scale.

I was carrying something down the stairs, and my dear boy Farley left a ball on the stairs. I stepped on it, my foot rolled under the ankle, and I fell down 3 stairs. Oh my God, it hurt SO much! It hurt so much that I couldn't even curse . . . I could only say "Ow! Ow! Ow! It hurts!." The top of my left foot is swollen now, and it hurts like the dickens. I did go to the hospital, and the x-rays show no fracture, so it's apparently just a bad sprain. But man, it HURTS! So I'm hobbling around like a cripple . . . gonna have to stay home from work tomorrow, because I can't get on and off the bus with my foot like this.

Other than that, it's actually been an okay day (nothing is as fun as spending HOURS in the hospital). My older niece has a birthday tomorrow, so we had the whole family over for supper and presents. That was fun! Grace played with my brother's new Irish Wolfhound puppy for hours on end . . . she should sleep well tonight. Farley had to hang out in my room (he hates big dogs), but he was okay like that.

Other than that, life goes on as usual . . . dogs, school, work and TV ;)


Visichy said...

Please please please post pics of Grace playing with the wolfhound puppy if you have any. I bet they are BEYOND cute! :) Sorry about your foot though.

Silverwood said...

So sorry about your foot.