Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My Crazy Weekend

So, after signifcant amounts of traveling, I now have a foster dog (Cocker Spaniel, of course!). Her name is Taffy, and I pulled her from a kill shelter on Sunday. She's 6 years old, red, and very blind from cataracts. She stinks to high heaven (although now it's less, since she's had some baths) and is matted solid, but she's really enjoying life in the house. She's had a few litters, and her "udders" are hanging down to her knees, but she wags that nub with all her might. She's a beautiful, sweet, loving girl . . . I know the right home is out there somewhere.

The foot is VERY sore still . . . I slipped on a wet patch of floor at the restaurant tonight, and landed on my foot. That certainly didn't help, and neither did running around at a show all weekend.
Grace showed very well for me - not nervous or unsure at all. She was happy and full of herself, and wanted to love on everyone. Her favourite were other dogs and any kids walking by. She did jump off the grooming table on Saturday morning (my friend doesn't normally use a noose), and she must have injured herself, as she was limping slightly in the ring. We took second out of two on Saturday and Sunday, and then we won our class on Monday. I was just THRILLED that she showed well and had fun.
I also had both Farley and Grace's eyes checked at a CERF eye clinic. Both of them tested clear, which is always a relief. I'm concerned that Farley's night vision is going, but the vet checked him very thoroughly and his eyes are normal. Phew! I know he's not being used for breeding (and has never been), but I still want him to have good eyes. I wasn't surprised about Grace, but I was very happy.

This week is very busy for me - I am going to be housesitting for a friend, so I'm moving over there on Thursday night, along with Grace and Taffy. Taffy needs a grooming, as does the dog I'm looking after, and I have a WHOLE paper to write before April 13th. You know me, I'm a major procrastinator! So that's it in a nutshell for me . . . sorry I haven't been checking in, but the net was down for me for over 24 hours. Talk about frustrating!!!!


Visichy said...

Awww, you're a good foster mom to take in Taffy. Give her a hug from me :)

Weeza said...

Good for you for taking in Taffy! What a wonderful thing to do. Hugs!