Saturday, January 13, 2007

Major Breakthrough

Well, today I had a major breakthrough . . . I was able to eat a whole meal without feeling yucky afterwards! For those of you that haven't been hit with the stomach flu that's going around, you have no idea how wonderful that is. My mom and I went out for lunch, and I was apprehensive about eating anything with any real flavour to it, in case it irritated my stomach. But it's several hours later, and I feel okay. Hooray! Now I can go out with my friends for my birthday dinner, which I had to postpone due to illness.

It is still freezing cold here. My poor car did NOT want to start this morning. It made a really strange, whiny noise when I started it, almost as if it were crying. But once she started and warmed up, she was as good and reliable as ever. Yes, I still love my car.

Got my two dogs groomed today . . . so they no longer look scruffy and homeless. It had been so long that Grace was acting like she'd never seen clippers before. She is such a drama queen, which is funny, since it's her sister whose name is Diva! Tomorrow is bath day, as long as it warms up. I can't, in good conscience, bath the dogs when it's thirty below. It just doesn't seem fair.


Anonymous said...

Yay! Here's to keeping down your lunch!

Visichy said...

Congrats on your renewed stomach strength. I was very lucky not to get that horrible bug although it seems everyone around me had it.... not fun. Enjoy being well again :)