Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Back In The Saddle

So, as you know, it's January. The only month of the year that most people actually meet their New Year's resolutions! One of mine was to lead a healthier lifestyle. Not to lose weight, because that's too specific, but to get out more and eat healthier. This is a familiar resolution - every year starts out with this one. So far I have been doing fairly well. I haven't had fast food since ringing in the New Year, and this week I have started walking every day again. Yesterday I brought both dogs with me, but Grace chewed on Farley's ear the ENTIRE way. And I think it might have been too much for him all at once. So I am going to bring him every other day, and bring Grace every day.

Today was Grace's solo day - her first solo walk on a leash. Let me tell you, I got the chills from it. After just 30 minutes, she had the hang of loose leash walking! Staying almost in heel position, and self-correcting when I corrected her verbally (ah! ah!). I am THRILLED! I think this little girl is going to be a fabulous obedience dog . . . I can't wait to seriously start working her now!

It feels good to be walking again . . . it's definitely good for me, and it should help burn off some of Gracie's energy. So far that hasn't happened, but I keep hoping.


Weeza said...

Gracie sounds like such a sweet clever little thing. Go Gracie!

Visichy said...

Way to go Kelly and Gracie! What an awesome team you are going to be :)

Sabrito said...

Way to go with both the New Years Resolution and with Gracie.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Lady Grace. Farley we know sisters can be a pain in the butt. we feel for you big guy