Thursday, January 11, 2007

Happy Birthday to . . . . me!

Yes, this is a blatant solicitation of birthday wishes. How can I not? That's the best part of a birthday - having people stop you to wish you a happy day. I love it! I had a quiet day, but a good one. One of my co-workers brought in an Oreo cookie cake for my birthday, which was a super nice treat. And a couple of guys at the office made me presents from stuff lying around the office. Very cute.

Because I'm still recovering from a nasty flu bug, my diet is limited, but today is the first day I can eat real food. Yippee!

The weather is just FREEZING here . . . -30 and holding. It's no fun waiting for the bus in the morning, or walking to the bus after work. Ugh. But it's supposed to warm up soon, which will be nice. Maybe then my car will start.

I never did post my New Year's Resolutions . . . I really hate making them at all, because I never keep them. But this year I want to spend more time with friends, less time glued to my computer, and just more time on ME. So those should be attainable, we'll see.


Visichy said...

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Kellllyyyyyyy,
Happy Birthday to you!

Anonymous said...

You are the bestest! (Is that a word?) Happy Birthday Kelly!

Weeza said...

Sorry I'm late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :-)

P.S. You know how there's a word verification graphic before you can post a comment? The "word" I have to type in is "orelsx" - no joke! Lol.