Thursday, April 20, 2006

It came!

So, I've always been the type to make fun of soccer moms or hockey moms, who get totally involved in their kids' sports, to the exclusion of all else in the world. Only now, I think I can officially be called a "dog mom." Yesterday Billy's very first show picture arrived in the mail from BC, and you'd think it was a million dollar cheque! I ripped the envelope open quickly (but carefully, so as not to ruin the picture), and then stared at the picture for what seemed like an eternity. I have to say, as pictures go, it's pretty good. I don't look angry (which I almost always do in show pictures, which is kind of weird, cause I should be looking happy), I don't have three chins (which I usually get, from looking down at the dog), the judge doesn't look goofy (in fact, she looks great!) and the dog looks pretty good. Of course now I can see how badly he needs to grow coat, as he looks like he's wearing stilts. But I like a tall dog, so I won't complain about that. He may not have won any points, or even Best in Sweepstakes (which is like a puppy showcase), but he made me very proud.

Just like he's making me proud in his obedience classes too. This dog is FAST at everything he does . . . this week we played a relay race. There were 4 owners/dogs on each team, and we had to run to three mats. At the first mat the dog had to sit, at the second one the dog had to lie down, and at the third one the dog had to sit-down-stand before running back to the start. Our team was almost a whole dog behind, but Billy and I were so quick that we won! He's such a little superstar :) I'm just glad that he seems to be showing some aptitude for obedience, cause that's a big part of his future with me.

So I finished my second-last assignment for the semester yesterday. It was so involved that I actually took a whole day off work to complete it. It was U-G-L-Y (yes, I am yelling out those letters!). I had help from friends, but it still took me all day to get it right, so that my program was spitting out appropriate answers. Sheesh! I need a break in the worst way . . . just one more assignment to go, and two finals. And then . . . China!

Not much else to report on, just had to share my boy's picture with the world!

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Visichy said...

It's a great picture. Billy's topline and tailset look particularly outstanding :)