Monday, April 10, 2006

Hah, I win!

Yes, I have finally figured out how to tire out Billy without having to take him to a dog show! I have a good friend that is undertaking a very cool pilgrimmage in Spain for 6 weeks (780 km ~ yikes!), and so she is training for that. Being a good friend (and needing to get off my duff), I decided to accompany her on her walks (now called "March of Death" by the way). On Saturday we did about 6.5km together, and I brought Billy along for the ride. He was quite happy to do the walk, and seemed a bit tired, but not too bad. Well, on Sunday we went out again, and did more walking. I'm not sure of the distance, but Saturday's walk was 90 minutes and Sunday's was just shy of 2 hours. So maybe another kilometer or two to tack on to the Saturday amount.

Well, when I drove home from the walk (and it's a very short drive), Billy fell asleep in the car. And then I put him in the kennel (he was filthy), and he slept quietly in there for hours. You have to understand - this dog does NOTHING quietly. I checked his breathing at one point, to make sure the walk hadn't done him in!

So although my calves are "mooing" (thank you Terri for introducing me to that term), and I am also pooped, I see more long walks in Billy's future. They're a good way to keep him out of trouble and in shape.

On another (unrelated) note, I went to see Lucky Number Slevin at the movie theatre with some friends. What a fabulous movie! I'm pretty wussy when it comes to blood and gore, so I didn't love some of the mob killing scenes, but the plot is just great, and the characters are good too. It's got some dark humour (well, lots), and it's well worth seeing.

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Visichy said...

LOL. I should try walking 2 hours with Mercedes and Elton.... think I can get them to walk on a brace coupler? ;)