Monday, April 17, 2006

Countdown to China!

Time is sure flying by now . . . only three weeks until I leave for China. I'm not really sure where the last few weeks have gone, I don't really remember much of them, other than work, eat and sleep. I imagine the next three weeks will be about the same, but cram some exams and last ditch assignments in. UGH. And I have to pack . . . that's the worst part of all. I imagine that'll be done the day (or night) before I leave. At least I'm a fast packer.

Not much is new around here. It was a very busy weekend, but what a treat to have that extra day off (it was Good Friday, which is a Stat holiday in Alberta). I went for a nice walk with my friend on Friday morning, and then on Saturday and Sunday we hit the gym. On Saturday I felt like I was dying on the elliptical, but Sunday morning was better, so I'm cautiously optimistic that I might be getting somewhat fit. Scary thought!

Billy is almost done his Junior High obedience classes now. We are signed up to repeat this level, since we are both enjoying the classes so much. He has already surpassed his mother's ability to hold a stay, which impresses me to no end (sitting still is hard for these little Cockers of mine!). And two weeks in a row he has won the "musical" mats game, which combines heeling with either a sit or a down when the music goes off. I didn't even think he could heel! So I'm quite proud of my little man . . . he's using that noggin of his for something.

I gave Quigley his annual "Summer Shortie Haircut" on Friday. I think I took enough woolly hair off for three dogs, so he looks very small now. But it will be cooler for summer, when heat is always an issue for him. And it allows his skin to breathe a bit better too. He's definitely showing his age - he is all grey now, and it's even more evident when he stands next to Billy, who is black. And he has warts and bumps all over. But he's still a calm, sweet dog (unless you happen to be food, and then he's mad!)

And Farley looks the same . . . . fluffy, like a teddy bear pajama bag (a friend once told me he looked like a pajama bag, so I call him that now). He has been quite bad lately . . . he got into my dad's Macadamia nuts the one day (and then got an upset stomach) and then tried to drink his Strawberries and Cream drink from Starbucks on Sunday (got it all over the floor while I was out, I imagine that was a scene too). So he had to get stern talking too . . . little brat wagged his tail the whole time, I guess he knows I can't stay mad.

So that's all the news that's fit to tell . . .

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Visichy said...

LOL. I can just picture Farley wagging his tail while you are telling him off. Chyna does that too... she knows I'm just talking though as never gets in real trouble. Mercedes on the other hand..... :)

Hugs to the boys!