Monday, April 24, 2006

Devil Dogs!

I don't know if this past weekend was a full moon or what, but the dogs were sure brats! Mom and I got home from work on Friday to find the wire crate (that all 3 dogs spend the day in) with a gaping hole. Quigley had bent the "bars" the week before, but I didn't realize they were that weak (or maybe he has jaws of steel?). Anyhow, he broke one end of the bar off, and the bar was sticking into the middle of the kennel like a spear. Lovely. Those damned kennels are $80 a piece, and this one barely lasted 6 months. He also broke a tooth almost in half, so now I have to watch him for infection.

Farley has done his share of bratty things too. On Sunday, as I was grooming a friend's dog, he found my dad's old golf glove (I think) and chewed the fingertips off. Great! I mean, the thing was probably some kind of antique . . . only now it's just garbage. He also peed on my dad's new slot machine (yes, gambling is a problem at our house) . . . and my mom's laminate floor lifted a bit. She was NOT a happy camper.

And Billy, well . . . he does many things that irritate us all. Friday night he hopped on to the kitchen table. I thought my mother was going to pass out. Oooops! And with his incessant marking (thank goodness for belly bands) he is making us all nuts. Of course, if my dad would actually put the belly band ON the dog, there'd be fewer pee spots to clean up. I keep telling him the secret is to actually USE the things.

Overall they're good dogs, and I can't complain. It just seemed like the twilight zone or something, with all the trouble they were getting into. Now every time I put Billy in the kennel, he sticks his head out the hole to say hi. My world is nuts!


Visichy said...

ROFL!!!!! Great blog entry! You had me literally LOL'ing at my desk (I got a few strange looks) :)

Lyndarae said...

I was quite humored by your whole experience too, can't say your life is boring!!