Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jack Jack Show Update

Well, Jack Jack and I are home from Portland after tons of traveling. I couldn't actually FLY into the US, because I had sent my passport away for renewal, so we flew to British Columbia and then drove to Portland from there (5 hours). It was a lot of traveling, but the dogs handled it well.

I showed Jack Jack myself for four days - the first day was a Cocker Specialty, and the other 3 days were all-breed shows. At the Specialty, Jack Jack took Reserve Winners Dog (best runner up) - no points, but the judge really liked him. He said it to me several times, so that was good. Then on Saturday, Jack Jack took Reserve Winners Dog under a breeder-judge, which is a good thing. He almost had a major (which is a 3 point win), which he needs two of to finish his US title.
It would have been nice to win points, but it was pretty good for our first US showing. I had to compete with some big-name handlers, and I managed to hold my own, so I was proud of BOTH of us.

I won't have pictures to share for a few days . . . I spent all night in an airport and am exhausted. Tomorrow night I start teaching obedience classes, so won't have time to download everything.

Thanks for cheering for us!


Brenda said...

Welcome home Kelly! I saw pictures that Karen posted of Jack Jack and he looked so beautiful! I know you didn't get any points, but sounds like the comments the judge gave you were awesome! Glad to hear he handled the travels with good!

Visichy said...

Congratulations on your success with Jack Jack. Owner handled RWD at a US specialty is nothing to sneeze at :)