Thursday, June 14, 2007

The fun never ends . . .

Well, initially I thought I just had a cold. No big deal - take a day or two off work, sleep some, and get rested. Hah! The sore throat has gotten progressively worse over the past few days, and then my glands swelled right up. So this morning I sucked it up and went to the ER to see a doctor. Usually it's at least a 2 hour wait, but the ER Gods were smiling on me, and I only had to wait 25 minutes! Sure enough, it's strep throat, and I'm now taking enough antibiotics to kill a small horse.

My two year old niece has been living with us for the past couple of weeks, as my brother's girlfriend is on bed rest until she delivers her baby. A 2 year old is NOT conducive to bed rest, especially one that runs on Energizer batteries like this one does. So my dad has taken a leave from work and is watching her. It certainly makes the house more lively . . . she just never stops. But she's fun to have around, and all of us are getting our workouts through the day. The dogs are just wiped at the end of every day.

Grace is currently trying to entice Farley into having a romantic affair. She's in season, and is desperate for a boyfriend. Farley wants nothing to do with her . . . so she's left to dream. Poor girl.

And that's it from the zoo . . . til next time, stay healthy!


Sabrito said...

Hope you get better soon Kelly! I have an Energizer 2 year old as well... I feel for you, and you Dad!

Visichy said...

Feel better soon! Good luck to Farley & Grace LOL. Our cat Star is in heat right now (she's getting spayed ASAP) and she is torturing Gilly! Poor boy can't figure out what to do to make the cat leave him alone LOL!!! They're very cute to watch though. Hopefully they remain "friends" after she gets spayed :)